I will provide power solutions constultancy to your work station (Commercially & Technically) , Generator Sets for $10

I can support you consultancy to select complete power solution as per the available Load Calculations at your Factory/Hospital/Hotel/Bank/University/Markets/power station/Etc. My recommendation will be in Two clause (Commercially & Technically) for brand new of Diesel Power System: - Standby/Prime/Continuous Generator Sets. - Sound Attenuator Enclosures & Weather Protection Proof. - Daily & Bulk diesel fuel tanks. - Fuel Transfer Pump systems. - ATS & MTS - Main Distribution Panels - Synchronization Switch-gears - Genset, Radiator, Fuel lines spills - Air Ventilation Design for Generator Room - Exhaust Pipes Design - Spark Arrestor, Fire Extinguishers, Wooden Blocks, and safety fence - PPE required for Operators onsite I can also provide complete Price quotations as per the available stakeholder specifications & BOQ for KOHLER POWER SYSTEMS, MTU ONSITE ENERGY, CUMMINS POWER GENERATION, PERKINS GENERATORS.

Generator Sets & Power Systems Consultant

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